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We must be doing something right !!

A huge thank you to Tim and Isla and staff . Your care and knowledge made it easy to leave Poacher in your care.

Po has had several weeks of intensive water treadmill treatment on his tendon. His scan shows the remarkable progress he has made. He actually refused to vacate his box he was enjoying himself so much!!! The horses are immaculately cared for and are very relaxed. The yard is also immaculate and run with great precision and I was made to feel very welcome. I hope now to keep up the routine he become accustom too!!!

Po will be visiting for treatments to make sure he keeps the healing process going.

Thank you all so much.

A happy owner sent this in !!

I’d been looking for an ethical trainer after my new horse bucked me off due to foot pain and I knew I needed help. After completing his treatment at the vets, my trusted vet recommended Bennett’s Equestrian to help build up his core strength and put him on the road to recovery. He spent 4 weeks there and with the help of the treadmill, the horse walker and the understanding he received I have a different horse.

Isla and Tim drew up a fitness programe for him and always consulted me on any changes. Bob settled in straight away, the busy but calm atmosphere on the yard meant he always had something to see when he wasn’t being worked. The staff too were professional, always cheerful and happy to answer any questions I had. Whenever I visited, Bob always had a full haynet and a clean bed, the care and the attention to detail is second to none.

Bob came home the week before Christmas; but he will be going back in the spring for ridden work. I would certainly recommend Bennett’s to anyone who needs professional help or rehabilitation for their horse; or just somewhere for them to go while we busy owners take a break.

Diana - Derby

" Bennett Equine have been a fantastic help in getting my horse Sid back on track.

After an injury in the field I was struggling to keep on top of the restricted turnout and exercise regime needed for a few months alongside my work and family commitments . When my vet recommended I send him to Bennett Equine I thought i would give it a go.

Straight away he settled in to a structured routine and was really happy being surrounded by other horses with constant supervision by the friendly, professional team of staff. The work on the aqua treadmill really transformed him and he came back looking fitter and healthier than when he arrived! I really can't thank the team enough for helping me through a time when I was struggling to juggle my professional, family and horse life. Throughout my time there they worked closely with my vet at Scarsdale and the physio to ensure a speedy and safe return to work for my horse.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bennett Equine to anyone. "

Linda, Nottingham

Melanie. S. Watson - Horse trainer. • I can personally recommend this company. Tim and Isla are absolutley dedicated to this.

Their results are remarkable. Their ethos is sound and provide excellent back up in all ways. The set up is second to none and I have had first hand experience of horses in their care. Spinal rehab is never easy but this team provide a real way forward with no resentment from the horses themselves.

Great testimonial from Sheenagh Mudford owner and rider Maddy Moffett. Twink came to use the aqua treadmill for rehabilitation while recovering from a fractured pedal bone. He has gone on to complete 10 BE events being placed in 8 of them inc a win at Bold Heath BE100, and gaining 72 Foundation points.

Latest comment from a happy owner! -

I gave her 5mls of Sedalin before i turned her out and she had a bit of a buck and leap but couldn't do much really as we've given her a very small area. She's still out now, enjoying the sunshine, which is lovely to see, so happy horse= happy owner!

Thanks very much for looking after her so well, I would be very happy to come back to you.